Monday, October 7, 2013

trading in marc jacobs for a life full of kale and lentils...

i had a shopping blog...but that put me in more debt than i already am. so i stopped. 
over a year later (and a year older and not wiser...) ive been trying to be more "frugal" with my hard earned dough and cut down my hard earned debt. 

so instead of putting in $25 worth of food orders on seamless web or eating $10 burritos from chiptole, i am trying to use my dazzling creativity and find ways to eat healthy/on a budget/with limited real estate in my under 300 sq ft apartment in NYC. 

oh, and while trying out this new "grown up venture" id like to put my gosh dang witty sense of sarcasm to great use by publishing my new odd/frugal ways to help others who also are just as broke/nutritious-ly & apartment square footage-ly challenged as i am.

plus, i live by myself with no pets (aside from the random mosquito that breaks into my apartment and bites me with no mercy). i need someone to listen to my broccoli babble.

ps: i LOVE me some mcdonald's, white castle, taco bell and any other good not-so-wholesome americana food chain. but after you turn 30, your body says to go f*ck yourself, hence why im trying to have more kale in my life then tacos.

pps: i have NO culinary/nutrition education background. i can barely read. but i have been a somewhat healthy eater (and in debt) for most of my life. plus reading shape and self magazine helps. so this knowledge than im looking to babble onto you folks is just years of reading nutrition labels and common sense (duh) in what is healthy. 

ppps: i have no editor. nor any patience to re-read and edit my posts. so please excuse any typos or streams of stupidity that you may encounter in this blog. i type as i think, which pretty much in DMV terms would be like a DUI...if that makes any sense.